Discover our story

Sneaker agent Dehologram

“No matter where to start, it matters to not to stop.”

- Team dehologram

Who we are?

We are sneaker agent Dehologram based in Europe that finds the best deals for limited edition authentic sneakers for hyped sneaker lovers.

What are we doing?

The way that we operate is easy. We are the bridge between premium authentic sneaker collectors and users. Our service is connecting these two sides and providing services among users purchase and collectors.

We are providing this trade with insured authentic sneaker collectors and safe area for users.

Why Dehologram?

When it comes to this question the most important thing is our collectors which they collect their authentic sneakers under VAT free law for company consumption goods. Therefore the goods which purchased with retail or resell price do not include or consist VAT taxes which for luxury goods can go up to 51% depending on origin country. That brings the opportunity of having a premium good with more ideal price than market price for consumers.

Where we started?

We have used the same method even as a small team in our local area where we used to find best deals for our family and friends. As the time passed we got experience to operate on the bigger scale which now leads us to the place that where we are and corporaing in different countries.

What is our goal?

Our main goal is to add more collectors for premium sneaker users and always update our system to be easier for our users to find the best deals.