All the goods under the standard of Dehologram are insured authentic.


Dehologram started live as a person to person trading. Our team has been blending with sneaker culture and building trust to provide the safe area for sneaker lovers.


From the very beginning of Dehologram, our team invested in expertise which is the main tool to build trust. Our members spent months on knowledge and experience to learn the skills from masters of the industry. From collecting most rare items from all around the world to spending days to authenticate pairs, our team grew in the sneaker culture more than ever.


We would like to clarify our inspection system in four main steps. Each of the steps has an essential knowledge and technique for authentication of all the items in criterion of our system.


One of the most important parts of the authentication is the knowledge about very item. Regarding to the item the techniques and information regarding to the item updates by our team.


More filters makes it more clear! Basically Each pairs goes through various authentication filters by different experts such as material, configuration, code and so on.


We cooperate only with limited trusted collectors who provide us the authentic items.



We use the latest technology equipment to help us with the process of authentication and custody of our collectors.

Security guarantee

Moreover, team will provide you medias of authentication pass of your very own pair to ensure not only authenticity also your pairs being flawless.