Retail therapy

In the past months, Dehologram users were searching for deals to outright their order history to have the chance to be part of the Dehologram VIP.
Retail therapy is all about deals relatively close to the retail price of the very model which brings the best opportunity for those who have a gap in their order history and others. retail therapy deals do not follow any schedule therefore users need to follow the media available on Dehologram social media, website announcements, agent and operator consultations to catch the deadline.
common questions :
How does it work?
Retail therapy deals are placed in the General deals category but with one major exception. general deals normally do not limit to a deadline as far as the size is available in the deals option but in retail therapy, deals are not only limited to a deadline but also have the shortest deadline period out of all the deals(estimated 48 hours).
Who can use the deal?
As retail therapy is part of the General deal category, everyone is allowed to try their chance for a pair.
How many pairs are allowed to take?
Based on the user category (VIP, friend&family, new users )and the chosen size not being sold out, users are allowed up to 3 pairs maximum to reserve.